Second Place on the Theme of ‘Aftermath’

I’m not saying that I’ve ignored this blog or anything… but my piece Home for the Holidays written for the theme ‘Aftermath’ on the Brilliant Flash Fiction website came second last month and I won £20.

And I completely forgot to say that here.


If you fancy it, read it here

Other than that it’s been a quiet few weeks.  I was in Warsaw last week, and I had a fantastic time. I LOVE Poland, and I even did some red-penning on the plane (and on a Ryan Air tray table, no less).

What I was writing, however, wasn’t quite ready for the submission deadline that I was aiming for, so I decided to keep it a little longer and stick it in a drawer.  At 5,000 words it’s still the longest thing I’ve ever written. 

Considering a year ago I entered a 10-word writing competition I’d say it’s probably an improvement 😛 

Only two submissions for February, though, which is disappointing, but I did have a lot going on with work and holidays, so it’s not entirely unexpected.  

I’m at the Writing West Midlands’ Networking Session at Lichfield Library on Saturday. There will be coffee and cake, apparently —  YES.  I’m not one for networking, but I’m off with my writing group, and it’ll be nice to mingle with others. 

Failing that there’s coffee and there’s cake and there’s beer in Lichfield…





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